Monday, June 1, 2009

And then some...

I lived in Tonkawa for 10 years...

When I lived in Tonkawa, I had a pretty good life. We moved alot, three times I believe. I look back and think of my life there and so many emotions rush over me.

I had gone through two stepmothers while I lived there, Sandy 1 and Sandy 2, we called them. I remember the first Sandy fairly well...mostly I remeber the vacations we were able to take. The most memorable one was Disney World in Florida. I will never forget my first roller coaster. I went on it with my father, no one else wanted to go. Honestly, I don't think I realized it was a roller coaster until many years later!! The second Sandy deserves a post all on her own, which will come later.

It wasn't easy going to school there. I felt as an outcast many times, well, most of the time. I remember getting in trouble alot when I was in the first grade, maybe it was rebellion for losing my mother in the divorce. I was six, what did I know about the reasons for the falling apart of the relationship. So, from that time on, it was up and down. Funny!! Didn't realize the life roller coaster! I went through life, and found I wasn't good at sports, but my dad always thought I could be. I know my grandfather ALWAYS made it to my games. I thank him for that. Sorry, back to the school thing. I had my crushes, Kevin Randall will always be the long standing one. I will never forget Jeremy Weidman...never could talk as easily to a boy since. Many long conversations, under a table in my grandparents home. I hope to one day see, talk, hear his voice again. I always thought I had girl friends, now that I am older I know I didn't.

So one day, the last day of school, while I live in Tonkawa, my father told me that I was moving to Texas, I was 15.

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